Narrowboat Canal Training and Guidance is an important aspect of a calm and relaxing narrowboat holiday. If you’re new to narrowboat life then let The Black Dog give you a very friendly welcome.


At only 48ft there isn’t too much to worry about. But we do insist on a full handover covering all aspects of narrowboat training so second nature can arrive slightly quicker. We’ll guide you through the buttons and bells, the right ways not the wrong ways, and answer any questions you may have to put your mind at ease and ensure you feel comfortable at the tiller.


On board you’ll find a comprehensive boat manual made just for The Black Dog. It’s full of easy to follow instructions and useful step-by-step photographs to help you with any bits you can’t remember, from tuning in the television to switching on the shower pump, its all in one easy to find place.


We do recommend you take a little time prior to arriving to view and read The Boaters Handbook (YouTube video and PDF booklet) from the Canal River Trust. This sets the narrowboat canal foundations you need right from the very start.

Looking for an Escape with The Black Dog narrowboat?